You may have, so far life, denied yourself everything that is worth something here in life until now such as love, peace of mind, joy and a deep sense of meaningfulness. Now it may be time to get hold of your life, but that it may require a little different insights, so I think this reading is very important to you, welcome in and read

You can only live your own life and you only live once. Therefore, for your own sake, you should do the best of your life and not throw away your hope, your dreams and your life. Instead, be sure that you exist.

Life and the world holds so many opportunities and chances that are just waiting to be taken care of, there are donkey places everywhere waiting to be discovered. What suits you and what discoveries you want to make is up to you. There is no built-in meaning in life. You have to create the meaning of life. You have to find values ​​that you think are significant enough that you feel your life is worth living. But don’t look negative. Now the reality is that you have your life in your own hands – you create your own happiness! Happiness is nothing that only happens to you, but something that you must strive to achieve.

But as a person you have a free will you can choose for yourself how you want to live and if you want you can change your life at any time. No one else can do this for you, you must take your responsibility as the person you are. And your most important responsibility is: to feel. After what feels right for you.

Something basic that permeates my whole way of thinking is that we should learn to listen to our inner feeling, when it leads us right.